Farmer Angus Carbon

What We Do

In 2014 Angus McIntosh, better known as Farmer Angus, became the first person in South Africa, and one of the first in the world, to sell carbon credits from the pastures where his cattle graze. Combining his years of experience in sustainable and regenerative farming, and his background in economics, Angus enables other farmers to benefit from carbon capture and connects potential buyers to carbon sequestration projects around the world.

Farmer Angus Carbon projects are completed according to the highest standards in the industry, and are MEASURABLE, ADDITIONAL and PERMANENT.


means that we can calculate how much carbon is being captured and stored in the soil, and auditors are able to verify the data.


means that we are capturing more carbon in your soil and establishing new ways of doing so.


means that the increase in carbon capture is not temporary. (We are not just planting a tree only to chop it down a year from now.) Our work perpetuates positive outcomes.

For farmers

We determine which of your existing farming practices are eligible for the carbon marketplace. We’re with you from registration to measurement, through the verification and auditing processes, all the way to sales.

Additionally, we provide guidance on how to increase the amount of carbon captured in your soil naturally.

The more carbon you can capture, the more additional income you can generate, and the more you can increase soil health and biodiversity, and drive down production costs.

For businesses and individuals

Buying carbon credits is a way to address emissions that can’t be cut or avoided.

High-quality carbon credits are scarce because accounting and authentication methods vary. We connect individuals and companies to verified and audited projects to reduce their carbon footprint.

It makes sense economically and environmentally.