Farmer Angus Carbon

Sow Sustainability –
Reap Revenue

Carbon and oxygen are naturally part of our planet and atmosphere. They are essential to life. But too much carbon dioxide (and similar molecules) in the air traps heat in our atmosphere, which causes changes in the global climate.

We can fight climate change by catching and storing these gasses. Many farming practices capture carbon and farmers can sell this trapped carbon in the form of carbon credits.

This gives companies and individuals the opportunity to buy carbon credits when they can’t cut their emissions as much or as quickly as they’d like to.

By increasing the carbon content of your soil, you can…

sell carbon credits and earn additional income
increase soil health, nutrient content and water-holding capacity
decrease erosion and the need for irrigation
support the economy while fighting climate change

The graph below shows a theoretical extrapolation of potential carbon sequestration rates that could be achieved through global adoption of regenerative agriculture, measured in gigatonnes of carbon dioxide per year (Gt CO₂/year).